Easy ways to fit exercise into a single mom’s busy schedule

Busy just about sums up every single mom’s schedule. There always seem to be barely enough time left after juggling the demands of single-handedly raising kids, managing a career or business, and everything else in between. This is probably why many rarely find the time for a much-needed workout.

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Saying Goodbye to Being a Single Mom

Well, my life as a single mother is about to change.  I’ve kept most of the details to myself and have shared with only those most near and dear to me.  Well, and one person I didn’t want them to hear through the grapevine because they tend to see everything negatively and over react and [...]

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Bring on the warm weather

I am definitely ready for warmer weather!  We have been enjoying our time outdoors and taken the opportunity to do some simple, but fun things!  We took the kiddos to see their first movie.  They did sooo great and once the movie started my anxieties melted away.  We were also able to make a trip to [...]

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Just a little patience…

How to raise independent children? I really tend to lack the one thing that makes this happen….PATIENCE! Just like the good ole Guns N Roses song, “just a little patience.”

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Single Mom Reminder: Your Children Love You!

So, I was peering through a book the other day.  I  know, I work in a library so real shocker. Anyway, where was I..oh, yes..book…it was by Michael Chabon. The title of said book was Manhood for Amateurs. Now, the initial quote that stuck out to me was, “The handy thing about being a father [...]

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Winter Blues…

I have really been struggling with what to write. My life has been fairly uneventful. My children haven’t had any serious injuries and miraculously enough, neither have I.  I’m not even sure if I have any advice left in me.  Maybe I’m feeling a bit of the winter blues.  I have always claimed to be [...]

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Tips for Dating Single Mothers

Single mothers and dating -  yep, I’m going there. I have really tried to avoid this subject, but for some reason I keep coming back to it. I wasnt really sure how to approach it, because I think it’s just so personal. I’ve always considered it one of those “nunya” topics…you know, nunya bizness. I’m at [...]

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To Healthier Single Moms in 2010

Since my race on December 12th, I have taken a running hiatus. I had actually planned to take the rest of winter off, but it seems my mind and body just can’t do it.  I need a way to let off steam, de-stress.  When I smoked, I would light up a cigarrette. Well, we don’t [...]

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Breaking Free of Self-Pity

Well, looks like I’ve taken a couple weeks off and there were reasons for this. I found myself having quite the bad attitude the last couple of weeks. I found myself grumpy and, well, on December 26th I found myself without a boyfriend. BOOOO, twinmother05 got dumped. Hey, it happens…but you know, heartbreaks sucked when [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I really hope you have all managed to avoid a nervous breakdown as the Holidays  near and the year ends.  During all the hustle and bustle try to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas.  Embrace what you have, and forget what you don’t.  It’s December 15th and I have still managed to stay semi-sane.  I am so grateful for all [...]

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Stress Free Holidays Can be a Gift

I decided not to stress out about the holidays on November 23rd, 2009 at 7 something pm. It had been a dizzying day of GO GO GO and DO DO DO…I finally sat down to make a grocery list of stuff I had buy to make by that night because I had to take Aidan [...]

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What is the Best Type of Job for a Single Mom?

In your opinion (which is valuable), what is the best type of job for a single mother to have in Indiana? Is it a good work at home job? Something skilled? The service industry? There are many different types of jobs out there, but I want to hear from you on what you think the [...]

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Jobs for Single Moms

As a single mother, finding a job can be tough. With that in mind, I’ve added a jobs section here at Single Moms Indiana to help with your search if you happen to be a single mother looking for a job. If not, keep reading the great posts and leaving your comments. If you are [...]

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Repeat after Me “It’s only Money…”

I was tested these last few days…my emotional stability was tested…um, i failed, a little…I broke my unwritten rule of never letting money upset me. I’ve actually broken it a couple of times. As a single mom I have chosen to raise my boys alone. This means that I will not allow myself to work [...]

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